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  • Con Disco Rotatorio
    Sven's Latest Album
  • Me and Jim...
    Sven's Solo Album
  • Jesus Loves Tractors
    Green T-Shirt
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    Live at the Bitch Mountain Bash
  • Hollywood Tire
    Jim's 4th Album
  • Jesus Loves Tractors
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  • Jesus Loves Tractors
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  • Jesus Loves Tractors
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Sven Guitar
Photo by Michele Buck


I am a singer, song writer and guitar player. I play an irreverent sort of introspective-honky-tonk-blues music that lyrically manages to cover concepts from the vaguely interesting to the uniquely ridiculous. Should you be interested in such topics as drinking, futility, lawlessness, or tractors... you're sure to at least find me briefly entertaining.

Listen to "Con Disco Rotatorio", my latest effort available on CD or for download.

Jim (Band)

The rock and roll band I spent much of my life on; We covered a lot of territory, made a lot of fans and recorded five albums... and still get together occasionally for the odd show.