Sven photo by Carl Rubino
Photo by Carl Rubino

Sven photo by Michele Buck
Photo by Michele Buck

Sven Curth

Music has been the focus of my adult life. From my years at the Berklee College of Music in the 1990s (lifetimes ago), throughout my twenties with touring rock band "Jim" (for which I was the songwriter, singer and lead guitarist), ultimately to a solo career which (so far) has produced three albums and countless live performances - music is my mainstay.

Of course, music means vastly different things to many people - to me it is intermingled with writing. I strive to play proficiently and work to constantly improve my musicianship (a lifetime pursuit to be sure, and one I'm far from having mastered) but I am in equal part interested in writing. Thoughtful lyrics, humor, artful wordplay, honest self-appraisal and blunt social critique are my passion.

My music is relatively simple - I leave academia to musicians more accomplished than I. I enjoy lots of different styles but find myself dipping often into country, swing, bluegrass, blues, jazz, folk, rock, and rockabilly. For me it has always been about attempting to push boundaries within existing idioms rather than the vain hope of inventing something different (is that even possible?).

Lastly, as much as I love music, I loathe self-promotion (while freely admitting that without it I am probably doomed to obscurity). The very concept of "selling" myself seems to counterintuitive to everything I am interested in writing about. On the other hand, perhaps obscurity suits me - as I far prefer the indifferent solitude of my rural home in the Adirondacks to the necessary strutting and posturing in an urban setting that being a "successful" musician requires. You will not be hearing about how great my music is from me.

Jim (Band)

The rock and roll band I spent much of my life on; We covered a lot of territory, made a lot of fans and recorded five albums... and still get together occasionally for the odd show.