Sven photo by Carl Rubino
Photo by Carl Rubino

Sven photo by Michele Buck
Photo by Michele Buck

Sven Curth

Welcome to my website! Glad you are here! That makes two of us that have even the slightest, marginal interest in this "Sven Curth" character (though admittedly, my own is flagging).

Sven photo by Michele Buck

Every couple of years I put the songs I've been writing together and once again put myself through the painstaking, tedious, exhausting and expensive process of recording an album. I can confidently say that it is all, most definitely, more trouble than it's worth - at least as measured in time and money.

The whole evolution; from framing a song idea, lyrics, concept, structure, playing, to completion, rehearsal, and finally recording - is more of a psychotic compulsion than an effort to actually achieve anything. Each step is its own ocean of emotion, ranging from brutal self-doubt to unbounded pride and euphoria. I love and hate every step of the process.

Although it brings me joy when people relate to my music, it really is more about exploring my own thoughts, jokes, or concepts on any given subject matter - and about developing my playing and writing. It is certainly a lifetime pursuit, and I find it doesn't seem to lose any intensity with age, even as the rest of me deteriorates.


Jim (Band)

The rock and roll band I spent much of my life on; We covered a lot of territory, made a lot of fans and recorded five albums... and still get together occasionally for the odd show.